About the estate

We are a family business built on a family farm. Caring for the environment, the site’s heritage and the local community is in our DNA.

Indigenous culture

kutalayna (Say: ku tah lie nah) is the Aboriginal name of the Jordan River. It formed the border between the Big River tribe on its western side, and the Oyster Bay tribe on the east. kutalayna runs through the territory of the Mumirimina (Say: Mu mee ree mee nah) one of ten bands comprising the Oyster Bay tribe. It was the largest tribe in Tasmania, with an estimated population of 800 people at the time of invasion. It covered 8,000 square kilometres of country along the east coast from St Patricks Head to the Derwent estuary and Tasman Peninsula, to the mouth of the Jordan River and inland to St Peters Pass in the midlands, east to the Eastern Tiers, and then northeast back to St Patrick’s Head.

Iron Creek Bay Estate proudly protects two certified Aboriginal Heritage sites located around Flinty Point. A stone quarry, where materials were procured for the purpose of making stone tools and artefacts. And a significant shell midden - stratified deposits of refuse from shellfish and other food remains, predominantly oysters and mussels. 

This archaeological evidence suggests that Flinty Point was inhabited on a seasonal basis by the Mumirimina people, primarily for accessing the stone resources along the west edge of the point, and that they may have camped on the point for short durations before moving on to preferred campsite locations throughout their territory.

Farming History

The estate was originally established by the Denholm family who’s history with the area goes back four generations, having initially settled in 1834. The property was originally named ORARI after the ship that brought Ronald Denholm back from WW1 but a spelling mistake somewhere along the way, found it called ORANI. Rural activities were mixed farming – sheep, wool and meat cattle and during Ronald Bilton Denholm’s times, dairying was mainstay.

A local doctor, Mr Schofield, bought the farm from the Denholms and ran cattle on it until his family sold it to a company that put in the riesling and pinot grapes and produced a good German style riesling.

The Tao Family

Originally from Shanghai, Mr Tao travelled throughout the world looking for somewhere new to call home. He eventually settled in Australia in 2006 and after exploring Sydney and Melbourne, took a trip to Tasmania and immediately fell in love with the island’s unique charm, calling it “paradise on earth”.

His daughter Carrie was educated here at FAHAN Girls’ School followed by University of Tasmania.

The family’s passion for rural land and the joy of bountiful harvests, led Mr. Tao to see great potential in the Sorell region and he purchased the property known as Orani in 2016. The construction of Iron Creek Bay Estate began in 2018 and took a total of four years to complete amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Determined to expand the site’s agricultural production, Mr. Tao has planted 10,000 cherry trees consisting of Lapin, Simone, Van and Ranier varieties as well as strawberries, plums, apples and apricots.

The Tao family is committed to continuing as producers of high-quality orchard fruits for both export and the local market as well as grapes for locally produced wine. 

They are also passionate about welcoming visitors, from the local community and further afield, to this unique Tasmanian “paradise on earth”.


We care about our effect on the environment and the precious Tasmanian landscape. Our buildings have been designed with longevity and sustainability in mind.

We encourage ecologically sustainable practices for our staff and visitors alike. These are just a few of the energy and water saving features we have:

  • Solar powered path lighting
  • Solar power boost to our accommodation buildings
  • Automatic lighting in common areas
  • Automatic exhaust fans in ensuites
  • Underfloor hydronic heating
  • Recycling of water grey water for garden irrigation
  • 545 solar panels, with a total annual power generation of 267,944 kwh

Award and recognition

Highly commended - Sustainability Awards 2022

Our Buildings

Buildings are constructed using CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) panels, reducing waste and replacing much of the need for concrete and steel with sustainable, renewable and recyclable natural materials in the form of locally grown plantation timbers. Our external cladding is recycled timber from Tasmanian sawmills that would have otherwise been pulped for paper.

Our Water

We recycle grey-water as well as collect and store rainwater for the irrigation of the landscape. Storm water runoff from our car park and other paved areas drains through a series of biofiltering rain gardens before being redistributed into the landscape.

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A: 394 Arthur HWY, Sorell, TAS, 7172